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Use cases

Why using trustless timestamping?

Approaches using traditional notarization services would rely on trusted counterparties and require complex operational processes, implying higher costs and risks.

Proof for regulators

Trustless timestamping creates proofs of integrity and time certainty over data. This proofs could be used to satisfy regulatory requirements such the ones asked from Dodd-Frank.

Evidence Authenticity

I found a two-year-old snapshot of the defendant’s website on a public archiving service, but how do I know if has been forged today?

Key revocation

I need to install this two-year-old software package to recover old records, but the developer revoked their PGP key six months ago - apparently their laptop got stolen. How do I know I’m getting the real thing? Stolen keys could be used to create backdated signature!

Record Integrity

Our colocation centre informed us that someone broke into the cage the backend servers are located in last night; the last off-site backups were a week ago. The auditors want to know which records the intruders might have changed after they broke in. What do I tell them?


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Phone number to address

API to verify phone numbers and link them to crypto-address

Authenticated OpenTimestamps calendar

OpenTimestamps have a public and free calendar services. Certain business require SLAs to operate. We provide authenticated server for this purpose.

OpenTimestamps through email

Just send an email to , you will get a reply with the .ots receipts of the email body and of any attachment

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